Without wishing to fall into cliches, driving customers and clients to your products and services via content is a no-brainer.

It works a little like this;

  • you've got a bigger footprint on-line thanks to your excellent blog and brilliant YouTube channel
  • you're discovered at the search stage by a new customer who's found one of your insightful blog posts or educational YouTube videos
  • this content (the blog post or video) points back to your website via which this new customer pays you money

We work with clients such as Bosch, Toolstop*, hotbott, RIDGID, Frontline Safety, Trend and Gary Cameron BMX to create content that markets each client's wares.

*Calum Kegg, MD of Toolstop (a Scottish company turning over £10s of millions a year) said the following about working with Postable since 2009:

"Postable Ltd has been instrumental in assisting the growth of our online business. Through social media Postable has implemented cutting edge techniques which have resulted in a dramatic rise in online sales for us over the past 3 years.

We are now seen as the market leader in our sector and are regularly used as a case study throughout the country both as a social media and e-commerce success."

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