The Work We've Recently Completed

When we work with clients we aim to properly identify, and then provide, the type of content needed to meet their marketing goals. Here are some examples.


We were tasked by the team of craftspeople at DBR Interiors, a Glasgow-based company that provides bespoke, top-of-the-range kitchens and bathrooms, to produce a series of video testimonials from their satisfied customers. This involved liaising with the customers, setting up in their homes to shoot the finished work, and editing the video content to best showcase both the quality of the work DBR Interiors offers and the satisfaction of their customers. Here's two examples.


We've been working with Frontline Safety, a world-renowned supplier of safety equipment to the oil and gas industry, for two years. In that time we've worked with the marketing team to create video and blog content for use on their e-Commerce website and social networks to showcase the company's expertise. Here's an example of the work we've done for them, which included shooting the video, editing it, and providing the voiceover.


Trend has been in business for over 50 years and is a "household name" in the world of woodworking. We've worked with the marketing team to create hands-on product demos, tutorials and more, including videos of their presence at UK trade shows. Here's an example.