2016 update

We were delighted to be appointed as an official partner of Digital Tourism Scotland, a massive, country-wide initiative to empower Scotland's travel and tourism businesses to fully embrace everything that the digital world offers.

In particular, we provide practical, hands-on training and support on:

  • creating compelling digital content (videos, photos, blog posts)
  • visual content masterclass (how to use mobile devices and apps to create the best possible visual content for use on websites and social networks)
  • video content creation (using iPads and iPhones, along with iMovie, to product stunning videos for use on YouTube and Facebook

Learn more about Digital Tourism Scotland here.

Watch Postable's Mark Hunter give one of the keynote talks at the Digital Tourism Scotland 2015 Conference to get an idea of the dynamic and approach we bring to the table.


Business Gateway & Scottish Enterprise Workshops, Training & Support

The Postable team provides social media toolkit workshops across three Business Gateway contracts in Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire.

These social media workshops totally eschew any notion of introducing businesses to social media. We wouldn't dare be so patronising.

We assume people already understand what social media is.

We also don't think it's fair - based on our years of experience delivering these workshops - to tell businesses they should or could be using social media without also helping to equip them with a workable strategy to do so.

Rather we work with groups, small and large, on understanding the importance of creating a sustainable strategy for using social media to drive sales, communication and profitability.

Our job is to show them how to make more money using the tools available.

Postable also works with ICT Advisors within Scottish Enterprise to provide "expert support" and consultation to pipeline clients.

This includes full web audits, social media audits, practical support and training on e-Commerce, email marketing and content marketing.

In-House Training

Postable has provided in-house training on digital, social and content marketing for companies ranging in size from 1-man-band start-ups to international, household names.

Our methods are simple but effective.

We hold up a big mirror to our clients and work with them to understand how their brands are being perceived via their marketing strategies. We then work with them to tweak, refine and enable their team to do better work.

We are currently working with BoschInternational BeverageRIDGIDhotbott, Bank of Scotland, and LESL.

We're grateful to Great Scot Photography for the photos.