Blog Your Passion - Your Knowledge is Your Strength

You’ve realised that blogging is one of the best ways to get your website traffic. You understand that blogging can and will get you new customers. But, at times, you struggle to know what to blog about. If that’s the case, the solution is right here: knowledge. Blog about what you know.

As I’ve previously shown in the “Blog Your Passion” series, identify your niche, find your voice, and showcase what you do. And the best way to tie all those principles together is to use your expert knowledge and “give it away” for free.

One such blogger who does this is Andy Gill. Andy is a hacker. And he uses his blog to share his knowledge. For free. Why does he do this and how has it helped his business? I spoke to Andy to find out.

andy gill hacker discusses how he uses his blog to build his business

Hacking probably makes people of my generation think of "War Games". Classic film and, from what I've heard, factually accurate for the time. Tell me about how you became a hacker.

Hacking has many connotations, a very negative one that has been portrayed by the mainstream media is it’s all illegal and bad guys! This isn’t true though, hacking is both an art and a science. I got into hacking because I like taking things apart physically and programmatically working out how they function and making them do things they were never intended to do.

I am an old school hacker in this sense, but everyone does hacking in their daily life whether they know it or not. Problem solving and finding obscure solutions for problems is hacking!  

Why do you seem to give away loads of free knowledge on your blog?

I believe that if I have had a tough time learning one thing or another it is likely someone else will have the same problem so why not help them? I strongly support passing on knowledge and follow the practice that if you are good enough to explain a topic to someone else in depth you’ll end up learning a f*ck tonne more about it too!

Looking over your blog, it seems I'm not your target market. Why is being niche important to you?

Hacking and information security or “cyber” *shivers*, like I said earlier are both an art and science which is why they are a unique area of information technology, you are not my target, but I bet you’ll find some aspects of this scientific art interesting?

Technology is ever expanding in the modern world and being able to dismantle it and explain it is my niche, I thoroughly enjoy finding ways around problems and learn new things every day.

Andy Gill speaking at a hacking conference

What has your blog done for raising the profile of your business?

My blog has created more opportunities and opened different markets for my personal brand. I’ve been able to speak at conferences, meet interesting people and see the world through writing and explaining topics to the wider IT sectors. My blog has opened doors for me that I never knew of, and forged new connections with folks all over the world united over similar interests.

Blogging or posting on a Facebook Page: which is best for building a reputation?

For me the best platforms have been Twitter and my blog, I’ve built up a profile and personal brand on Twitter gaining just over 7k followers and at one point my blog was receiving 100k+ views a month which is mental numbers for just one Glaswegian guy who hacks things.

Andy Gill discusses how blogging has built his personal brand

"I don't have time to write a blog". Any tips to get over this mindset?

F*ck it, you do! Take some time each week and add to a post, or set yourself a goal which I did last year and the year before of getting one post out a month. If you can get over that you’ll be on your way to half the battle!

Many thanks to Andy for being part of this series. Please have a look at how he uses his blog to freely share his knowledge.

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