Facebook is Killing Your Business

A social media - particularly Facebook - backlash is on the horizon. The demographic is changing. Facebook is a behemoth. It’s losing the trust of its user base. One of its co-founders feels strongly about Facebook that he’s suggesting it needs to be broken up.

If it isn’t, regulation is on the horizon. How will this affect how it performs? How will this affect its number of active users, the people we may be relying on to market our business to?

You post something onto your Facebook Page in exchange for what? Sales? Leads? Likes?

And remember, anyone who responds to your Page’s post already knows about your business. It’s not new eyes or ears on your content. 

Why Your Facebook Page is Killing Your Business

As we move into a post-social media age, it’s time to wake up to what your Facebook Page is doing to your business and get back to basics.

With even the world’s biggest brands having once made the mistake of directing web traffic to Facebook rather than their own websites, we need to take a close look at our overall online marketing strategy. Our potential customers want to buy from us, but where is the exchange of cash for goods or services going to take place?

Our Facebook Page or our website?

If our answer is the latter, this workshop will help you transition to a well thought out, time managed online strategy to see Facebook - and any social network - for what it is. Spokes in the wheel.

In the training course we’ll look at the “sunk cost fallacy” and how it affects our approach to our web presence. And why many of us have fallen for “hyperbolic discounting”!

We’ll spend time looking at proven ways to utilise our website and social networks, not just Facebook, to attract and inspire new business, to establish our company as the proven, helpful, trusted experts. And we’ll break free from bad habits that make us focus on “likes” rather than sales.

Learn how to truly stand out on Twitter without wasting hours per week rattling off tweets into the void. Learn the limitations of your Facebook Page while seeing Facebook for what it really is: data harvesters. Then use that knowledge to your business’s advantage.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Anyone who looks after social and digital marketing

  • Any business owner who’s frustrated with poor ROI from social media marketing

  • Anyone who wants to create a sustainable strategy that’s all about getting back to the basics of using the internet to drive sales and generate leads

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