Facebook or Your Blog - Which Matters More?

Facebook is easy, right? You’ve got your Page set up and all you need to do is post a cool photo and bit of text. You do this daily. Maybe even a couple of times a day. And your posts get some likes. Perhaps a comment or two. Sometimes even a share! These interactions give you a nice little dopamine hit. It feels good.

But your blog. Well, that’s a different matter. You know you should be adding new blog content. You’ve perhaps heard me preaching about it at one of my workshops. However, sitting down and thinking up, then writing up, a blog post takes a ton more effort. Doesn’t it? So, you rationalise things. You’re at least doing something for your digital marketing by updating your Facebook Page. It’s easier. You’re getting some interactions and you can actually see your Reach.

So, which matters more: your Facebook or your blog?

The answer to this is simple and perhaps a little uncomfortable. It’s your blog. All day long. Every day of the week. And here’s why.

When you spend time updating your blog, you’re working on your own property. When you spend time updating your Facebook Page, you’re working on Facebook’s property. And what we need to realise, and maybe even wake up to, is the only part of the internet you have any real control over is your website. The part of the internet where your blog lives.

Let’s get real for a second. What if Facebook went out of business (however unlikely that currently may seem)? What it Facebook suddenly decided to get rid of Pages for businesses (you do know that it was a good few years after Facebook launched that it allowed Pages to be created, right)?

Your website is your home online.

How’s it looking these days?

Updating your blog is improving the quality of your online home.”

You see, the only part of the internet that’s actually yours, where you set the rules, you set the tone, you have full control is your own website. And that’s where your blog is. So, surely it makes sense to be taking some of the resources - namely time and creativity - from your Facebook Page posts and put it into creating unique, original content on your blog?

By doing so, you’re improving the quality of your online property. You’re making it more robust. You’re adding value to it.

If our main digital marketing efforts are on our social network accounts, it’s like making sure our front garden is planted with lots of pretty little flowers while our house is sitting in a shambles behind it.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Your marketing is like a wheel…

…and your website with its blog is the hub.

Here are 2 key benefits of putting more time into your blog.

  1. You’re expanding the footprint of your online home. Each new blog post, written so that it includes keywords related to your business and offers value to people who read it, expands your presence online. This, and only this, will help your business be found at the search stage of a customer’s journey

  2. You’re creating socially sharable content. Each new blog post you write is sharable on social networks. But by you. And by the people who read it. Start to see social networks as merely spokes in the marketing wheel. The hub of the wheel is your website. The rim of the wheel is your target market. Create new blog content on your website. Share them via the spokes so that they reach the rim. Makes sense, right?

A goal for everyone reading this should be to pull some of the time they put into Facebook - and any other social network - and put it into creating unique, well-written, useful blog content on their website. Are you going to be one of them?

Let us know your thoughts and questions on the benefits of blogging over Facebook Posts in the comments section below. And if you’ve enjoyed reading this, Share it with your friends.