How to Beat Instagram's Algorithm

If you’re using Instagram to get more exposure for your business, you’re looking for more engagement. Greater reach. New followers. But Instagram’s algorithm seems to be holding you back. So, here’s how to beat the algorithm and make your Instagram dreams come true.

Post better content.

I talked about this subject in my guide to why Scottish travel and tourism businesses aren’t getting more bookings. But the principle applies to any business wishing to be successful on Instagram. Post better content.

However, there are some other little Instagram hacks and best practice tips that are worthing knowing.

Beat Instagram’s Algorithm - Use Hashtags

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which hashtags are best. Simple include the ones that describe your image. And the context of your image. And when you’re typing the hashtags into the caption of your photo or video, pay attention to the ones Instagram suggests to you. Try some of them. Vary things a little. See what happens.

Beat Instagram’s Algorithm - Tag the Location

If the location matters to your image, tag it. Doing so will help people who search for that location find your content.

Post great content

and use the right hashtags.

Beat Instagram’s Algorithm - Be Interactive

If you only ever open Instagram on your phone when you’ve got content to post, you’re missing the point. It’s a social network. So be sociable. Tap on the hashtags that you use. Search for the city you work in. Interact with the content you find. Post comments of praise and admiration. Doing so is a fine way to get your brand name “out there” on Instagram. You will get new followers as a result.

However, caveat time. Don’t be disingenuous. Don’t spam. And don’t use a bot service to do this for you. It’ll make you look ridiculous.

The Instagram Secret Formula to Success

Ultimately, there’s no such thing. Well, there sort of is. Hard work. Great content. Consistency. Interaction. Mix them all together in a pot like gumbo (to quote Ice Cube). And you’ll get there; more followers, more engagement, greater reach.

Have patience. Stay the course.

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