Measuring Results from your Social Media Marketing - Why it Matters

You’ve got your Facebook Page up and running, and Instagram’s ticking along in the background. You feel you’re doing fairly well in posting regularly, and you get enough engagement (likes, comments, etc) to make it seem worthwhile. But you’re not entirely sure whether your social media marketing is actually getting you more customers or not.

This isn’t an uncommon issue. It’s a wee niggle in the back of your head. You know you should be using social networks to help build your brand and stay in front of your target market, but are your efforts directly impacting your bottom line?



In this #wearepostable guide, we’ll look at why measuring the results from your social media marketing is important, and how to do it. 

First of all, let’s consider two ways of measuring your social media marketing. You have vanity results and actionable results. What are the differences between the two?

Simply put, vanity results are the numbers that show up on each of your Facebook or Instagram posts. The likes. The comments. The reach. Keeping your eye on these numbers is important, and they can make you feel good. These play a big part in the above mentioned “worthwhile” sensation that your brain produces when you check your stats. People are engaging with you. They’re seeing your content. And this is great. 

Why do vanity results matter in your social media marketing? 

If you want your brand name to be better known, then the vanity results are showing you whether this is happening or not. Let’s say your latest Facebook Post has been seen by 100 people. That’s 100 people you’ve reached with your brand. And that’s a good thing. 


Vanity results aren’t the most important metric to be measuring, though. 

What’s the most important measurement for your social media marketing? 

Out of the two, the most important measurement are the actionable results. What are they? Simply put, these are the results that have come from someone who’s seen your social media posts doing something off the back of it. Clicking that link back to your website, your blog post or your product listing. 

Clearly, these matter more and they should absolutely form the foundation of what you do with your social media marketing. Getting people to act based on what you’ve posted.  Measuring these results is easy and here’s how to do it.

  • Vanity results show how many people have been reached with your content. This makes you feel good, but doesn’t really mean anything in terms of actual sale

  • Actionable results may have lower numbers, but they matter more. These are people who’ve acted based on what you’ve shown them

Set Up Trackable Links Using Google’s URL Builder

These is free tool and instead of just posting a link to your blog posts or product pages, copy and past them into the URL builder. Add tags based on the campaign you’re running, the social network the post will appear on, as these will make it easier when you access Google Analytics for your website to track whether your social media marketing is creating actionable results or not. Each click or tap from a Facebook Post or your Instagram profile will be easy to track and measuring. If you have an e-commerce website, Analytics will also show you the sales your posts have generated for your business. 

True bottome line results from your social media marketing. 



Use Bitly to Shorten Your Links - and Track Them

Once you’ve created your custom, trackable Google URL, use Bitly’s free service to shorten it. Bitly’s interface makes it easy to see, at a glance, how many clicks and taps your links are getting. Their premium service even allows you to export reports, which are invaluable if you have to report your marketing endeavours up the corporate chain!

Using these short URLs from Bitly helps keep your posts looking neat and tidy and once you’ve saved them into your Bitly library, you can access them quickly from the mobile Bitly app for reposting in content you create for your social networks on your phone, on the go. 

  • Properly measuring both the vanity and actionable results from your social media marketing will, in part, settle the wee niggle in the back of your head. You’ll know how many people are seeing your content and how many of them are acting on it

  • Once you know the posts that get a reaction from your target market in the form of an action, it’s easier to incorporate more of this type of content into your on-going strategy.

Of course, these tips only really work when you’re working with a well thought out marketing strategy. Do you have one? Is it sustainable, adjustable and scalable throughout the year? We’re hear to help with that, so get in touch to arrange a 1-2-1 consultation on your digital and social media marketing strategy. 

How do you measure your results? What campaigns have worked well for you in terms of vanity and actionable results? Let us know in the comments!