Social Experiment Podcast - The Pilot

Going back to your roots can be regressive. But it can also be liberating. I got started in the world of digital media in 2005 when I launched a podcast. It released in me my creative potential. And it became the springboard into the world of digital content.

Building a business and a career as a digital content creator, strategist and consultant built firmly in authenticity changed my life. However, this year has been tough. I lost my business’s biggest client. And since February I’ve been hustling hard, learning new skills and refining old ones. I got the chance to speak openly and honestly about the journey from window cleaner, to podcast, to digital content creator at a recent Glasgow Chamber of Commerce event.

This gave me a little boost and taught me an important business lesson: be authentic. Be honest. Be yourself.

Authenticity in Business - Cut the BS and Be You

So the following week I published a video where I openly talked about the fork in the road I was approaching with my business. On LinkedIn, the video received over 2,400 viewed, many comments and plenty of private messages from other small business owners in a similar position.

I got talking to Andy Currie. We’d never met. But he invited me for a coffee to discuss my video and my journey, and his plans to build more of a brand around who he is.

This led to us launching the Social Experiment Podcast.

We met a couple of weeks ago and recorded a pilot. You can watch the YouTube video that accompanies the podcast below.

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The podcast is available on YouTube, of course. But it’s also on iTunes, Spotify, Pocketcasts, etc.

You can download the mp3 audio here.

One of the key ideas behind the podcast is to get you, the listener, involved. That means Andy and I want to hear from you. Either via email, comments here, on YouTube or wherever you watch or listen. Your feedback, comments, criticism, etc are helpful and wanted. So, get in touch.

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