Social Media Influencers - the Bubble is About to Burst

You want a quick and easy way to get your product, brand, location seen by as many people as possible. You don’t have the time or energy to spend marketing yourself. So you’ve decided to use social media influencers.

While this strategy is touted by digital marketing agencies and while it appears to be the “cool” thing to do, is it a wise choice?

The Bubble is About to Burst

This was the topic for episode 02 of the Social Experiment Podcast. Andy Currie and I debate the ethics, morality and legality of the social influencers phenomenon and I argue strongly that brands and businesses should look elsewhere.

Herd Mentality - Are People Really Sheep?

The social influencer bubble has come about due to our inherent tendency for herd mentality. The sense of not wanting to miss out, or to have things - or go places - that people we admire have, or go to. But surely, deep down, we’re better than that?

Herd mentality? Stop being a sheep.

Once social media influencers start getting called out begging for money to go on trips for their Instagram content, it’s time to step back and evaluate whether these influencers are actually a force for good.

And if you, as a business owner or brand manager, are tempted to use influencers for marketing, how do you know they haven’t simply bought their followers, or whether their followers are genuinely your target market.

We unpack all of this on the podcast. As always, it’s available below.

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