Social Media is Ruining Everything - NEW SHOW!

When you’re a “creative” [insert plummy accent here], making stuff is always on your mind. All day. It wakes you up early and keeps your brain fizzing until you simply have to act on it. By making something.

The podcast side of Postable has exploded recently. Which is fantastic. I’m now helping to produce a very successful Glasgow-based football podcast. And I’m in talks to produce a new podcast that will shake the Scottish media scene. Right up.

Anyway, this has meant adding to and upgrading my existing kit, that stuff I use to produce the Social Experiment Podcast with my pal Andy Currie. More mics. A mixer. More lighting. More cameras.

But I don’t want to just pack up all that gear when I’ve finished making content for third parties. I want to use it to make something for me. Something I’d want to watch or listen to.

When You’re a Creative You Just Wanna Make Stuff

To that end, I invited my buddy Neil McKinlay (read his interview here) to join me to make something. I didn’t know what we were going to make. I just knew he’d be in Glasgow. We met up in Graft where all the podcast gear was still set up from a recording session a couple of days before. My oldest son, Cameron, was joining us, ostensibly to be keeping an eye and ear on the video and audio. But I ended up asking him to sit in. So he did.

On the drive into Graft that morning I had the title “Social Media is Ruining Everything”. Neil, Cameron and I are all social-media-sceptics. So, that’s what we wanted to talk about.

Social Media Is Ruining Everything

The topics we cover include:

  • social media was meant to allow everything to be a creator of content, until censorship got in the way

  • should “bad” ideas be driven underground?

  • who decides what we’re not allowed to say on social networks

  • the social media “tick”

  • when creatives aren’t actually making stuff - how do they pay the bills?

  • using social media to get new business

  • a social media influencer who got wrecked by a photography firm

  • how Neil gets £££ of work by just being there on Instagram

Guests for Social Media is Ruining Everything Needed!

I know some of you reading this want your voice heard. This new show - not quite a podcast as I haven’t set up hosting or an RSS feed, it’s only on YouTube for now - is the ideal vehicle for you. Strong language isn’t an issue. Neither are controversial opinions.

I want to take the platforms back. Make them a level playing field again. Give oxygen to big ideas.

Get in touch with me if you’re in the Central Belt and fancy a visit to Glasgow to sit down as a guest on Social Media is Ruining Everything.

Hit me up on Instagram.