New Social Media Workshops in June & July

We're delighted to announce a new round of hands-on, practical social media workshops in June and July 2013.

Here's what some recent attendees had to say:

"I hoped the workshops would provide me with the skills, knowledge and ideas to develop Glasgow Airport’s use of Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare and other social media platforms. Based on what I learned, I decided to take a step back and completely rethink our social media strategy.
The workshops have really helped me to understand what is best for our business and I’m delighted that we now have a structure in place which will ensure Glasgow Airport gets the most out of social media." - Colette Jackson, Glasgow Airport
"This was the most professional workshop I have ever attended" - Mary Kusin, British Carriage Driving
"The blogging workshop surpassed my expectations! I Didn’t know there was so much to consider when blogging. It was a brilliant workshop, really comprehensive in terms of how to approach your blog, content and how to make it worthwhile in terms of website traffic." - Laura Dunlop, Homestay Friend

Focus on Twitter

Twitter - quite probably the second biggest social network on the internet, yet for many businesses it's the one they just don't understand. Our 3 hour focus workshop deals with the fact that there are 10 million+ Twitter users in the UK, 80% of whom use the social network on a mobile device, and how we can generate business leads by learning to shut up and listen.

Focus on Blogging

Google looks for fresh, relevant content when delivering search results. A blog gives your business the ability to provide what Google wants.

This 3 hour workshop will focus on the world of blogs, examining the various blogging platforms we can use, while forcing us to evaluate the whys, hows and whats of blogging.

Focus on Facebook

Facebook - it's the King of Social Networks with over 1 billion users worldwide. But how, exactly, is Facebook changing how people interact with brands and businesses and what space is there for your business to fit in?

Focus on LinkedIn

This session will examine what LinkedIn is, what it can do, and how we can make sure we're set up to get the most out of it. We'll step away from LinkedIn for a bit to focus on what seems to work already, plus we'll face up to realities of where LinkedIn may be letting us down.

We'll also look at the two main ways LinkedIn can drive new leads to our business.

Focus on YouTube

This 3 hour workshop will examine exactly what YouTube is, why it’s so good at pushing people to our business’s website, and how we can use it as a learning and marketing tool.


"Advanced YouTube" and "YouTube and iPads". More info coming on these workshops very soon!