Socialobscuria at the Chamber

Today saw us launch our first foray into Socialobscuria, the world of "obscure" social networks.

The event was hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, for whom we're training partners, and was attended by 20 people from various businesses, sectors and companies throughout the central belt.

If you'd like to know more about Socialobscuria, then please get in touch by clicking here, and be sure to check out the forthcoming "Focus" sessions we'll be running for the Chamber where you'll have the chance to delve deeper in the world of social networking.

We're grateful to Great Scot Photography for the photos.

Focusing on Social Media with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Focusing on Social Media with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

If you aren't already a member of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, you won't have received an email today with a list of the up-coming workshop sessions we'll be running.

So, for your benefit, here they are below (click each title to be taken to the sign-up page):

Focus on...Twitter

It's always fun spending time in a training setting with a variety of businesses keen to have their social media outposts perform better for them.

Today we were training a group of such business on behalf of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Our topic was Twitter, and as always, we challenged the attendees on:

  • what they expect Twitter to do for them
  • how Twitter is performing for them, on a scale of 1 - 10
  • how to close the gap between expectation and performance
  • why it's important to learn to shut up and listen using Twitter

We always include lots of time for strategy and brainstorming during our training sessions, and it's encouraging to see attendees at our workshops using this time to engage with one another and come up with new strategies for using social media to expand their businesses and improve profitability.

Keep up to date with the Chamber's training calendar by clicking here, or use the form below to have us email you about training your organisation on getting the most of out of Twitter.

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