Why Content Marketing Matters

A lot of businesses were hit hard in 2012 by two major changes to the Google search algorithms.

If you haven't heard already, these changes were given the cute names of Penguin and Panda. But the impact on businesses that were using "grey-hat" SEO tactics was far from cuddly.

Any business relying on low-quality link building tactics, and even some fairly decent link-building ploys, found itself penalised by the changes Google made.

So, the smart businesses, the ones that actually want the internet to help them make money, have realised that it's the quality of the content that matters, rather than the quality of links.

Niche content, especially, is king. Perhaps even emperor.

At Postable we've known for several years that quality content marketing always trumps "grey-hat" marketing. It even trumps, in our opinion and experience, social media marketing.


Quality content, when used to market a product or service, is almost bullet-proof.

Quality content takes the form of blog articles, YouTube videos and podcasts.

Each of which carries its own online legacy. Each of which helps enlarge your business's footprint online.

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And another added bonus is that this quality content not only markets your products and services, it also helps build trust and confidence. Through your content you become the helpful expert, your content becomes shareable (shareable is the new "viral" in our opinion) and your products and services become more appealing.

If you want your business to thrive on-line, take our word for it; content matters.

If you aren't do so already, start investing in content marketing.

How are you already using content marketing to improve how your business performs online? Share it with us in the comments.