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We Train & Empower Your People to Build Bridges

Partnering with Scottish Enterprise, HIE, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Business Gateway, learn more about how we train your people.

Whether arranged through one of the above mentioned organisations, or directly with us via our contact page, we delivery training that’s bespoke to your target market. Our training sessions are all about training the people in your team to better understand how the quality of the content and the timeliness of its output directly impact the likeliness of a sale.

We specialise in working with businesses in the B2C sector, e-commerce, retail and tourism, and we’ve helped train the marketing teams in organisations as diverse as International Beverage, Bosch, Glasgow Airport and the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh.

Part of the service we delivered to these clients included fleshing out digital marketing campaigns. This factored in blog guides, photo and video content and email marketing campaigns.

We were delighted to be appointed as an official partner of Digital Tourism Scotland, a massive, country-wide initiative to empower Scotland's travel and tourism businesses to fully embrace everything that the digital world offers.

In particular, we provide practical, hands-on training and support on:

  • creating compelling digital content (videos, photos, blog posts)

  • visual content masterclass (how to use mobile devices and apps to create the best possible visual content for use on websites and social networks)

  • video content creation (using iPads and iPhones, along with iMovie, to product stunning videos for use on YouTube and Facebook

Learn more about Digital Tourism Scotland here.

Watch Postable's Mark Hunter give one of the keynote talks at the Digital Tourism Scotland 2015 Conference to get an idea of the dynamic and approach we bring to the table.

This Written Content for Digital Marketing workshop was invaluable, not only did it deliver what it said on the tin, it went beyond what I expected. What was refreshing was the approach taken by Mark, we weren’t forced to sit through an enormous PowerPoint, instead Mark invoked discussion, which enabled the group to think beyond their own businesses.
Mark covered everything that was expected in this workshop, however, what was most enlightening was the insights into how content and SEO work together. By using real life examples to demonstrate his points, this once bamboozling subject became simpler to understand. These workshops deliver value for money, I would highly recommend.
— Shona Nisbet, Moray Speyside Tourism

Our job is to show them how to make more money using the tools available.

Postable also works with ICT Advisors within Scottish Enterprise to provide "expert support" and consultation to pipeline clients.

This includes full web audits, social media audits, practical support and training on e-Commerce, email marketing and content marketing.

In-House Training - Click to See the Courses Bookable Right Now

Postable has provided in-house training on digital, social and content marketing for companies ranging in size from 1-man-band start-ups to international, household names.

If you haven’t changed your approach to LinkedIn, you’re missing out on some of the biggest benefits. To fast track you through all the dos and don’ts, I can highly recommend Mark’s “Focus on.. Linkedin” workshop delivered through Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. From understanding the importance of your profile, to learning how to maximise the sites SEO, Mark’s tips were invaluable. Three days after completing the workshop, I was approached about a work opportunity through Linkedin - testimony to the reach and influence of this site... and getting the content right!
— Rebecca Ricketts - Business Development and Marketing Specialist

Our methods are simple but effective.

We hold up a big mirror to our clients and work with them to understand how their brands are being perceived via their marketing strategies. We then work with them to tweak, refine and enable their team to do better work.

You can see the projects we’ve been working on recently here.

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